Accommodation rules

Accommodation rules

Check-in time is at 2 p.m. and onwards until 10 p.m. Check-out by 12 a.m. Please inform Kofe s molokom administration if you wish an early arrival or late departure. An extra fee will be charged for early arrival and late departure.

Working hours of the hotel’s administration are from 8 a.m. till  10 p.m. Breakfast will be served from 9 a.m. till 12 a.m. In case of an early departure (before 8 a.m.) please inform the administration the previous day if you wish to have a take-away breakfast.

Rooms are available also for 12 hours (a half day), but not on hourly basis.

When checking in, the Guest is obliged to present his passport or other ID.

Payment for the whole period of reservation should be made at the moment of arrival .

There is a 24/7 video surveillance in the hotel for safety reasons, with the exception of guest rooms and bathrooms.

In the mini-hotel premises it is prohibited to:

• disturb public order

• use alcohol or drugs

• appear in the common premises wearing improper clothing

• cause damage to property of mini-hotel or other guests

• use non-proved electrical appliances in the room

• bring, store and use weapons, explosives, drugs and toxic substances

• use room for purposes other than residence

• smoke in the premises of mini-hotel

• bring any animals to the rooms without prior agreement with the Administration

• leave windows and doors open, faucets and any appliances switched on when leaving the room.

Administration has a right to refuse a check-in if the Guest:

•  is in a state of drug and/or alcohol intoxication

• doesn’t present an identity document

• doesn’t pay for his stay

• doesn’t accept the terms and rates for accommodation

• disturbs public order.

If the accommodation rules are not followed, Administration has a right to ask the Guest to leave the hotel as well as charge the room price for the current day.

There is a 1000 ruble deposit for the room key. The deposit is not refundable if the key was lost. The keys are to be returned when checking out from the hotel.

The hotel is not responsible for the operation of community services (emergency breaks of electricity, heat and water supply etc.) as well as the internet provider Rostelecom.

Guests are obliged to:

• study the accommodation rules and follow them.

• register their guests at the reception. If the guests will remain in the room after 23.00, they are required to book a room or an extra bed in the main Guest’s room and pay for their accommodation at current rates.

• take care of their property and documents, if necessary, to leave then in the safe box at the reception.

• inform the Administration immediately, if they find a damage or loss of their property, otherwise the Administration is exempted from any liability in respect of them.

• keep silence 23.00 till 08.00 in order not to disturb other guests.

• handle the property of the hotel carefully.

• compensate for actual damages of mini-hotel in case of damage or loss of its property.

• pay in full for services of the hotel.

• at the end of his stay leave the room and hand the room key  to the administrator. If the guest does not vacate his room or prolong his stay, and if it is not possible to contact him, the Administration has a right to make an inventory of the property in the room. The property left by the guest is considered as lost property and will be stored in the hotel.

Accommodation rules are based on the Russian Federation law “On Protection of Consumer Rights” and ” Rules of providing hospitality services in the Russian Federation”, approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree number 490 of January 25, 1997, amended and supplemented 02.10.1999 and 15.09.2000.

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