Concept of mini-hotels

Saint Petersburg is one of the most beautiful cities in the world receiving approximately 6 million tourists every year, half of them being domestic and half foreign visitors. When planning your holiday, you should not only examine the most interesting excursions, but also think of accommodation and monitor different accommodation options.  St. Petersburg has a reputation of an expensive city for travelers and, at least partially, this is true. If you are a budget traveler or just prefer to have an optimal price-quality ratio, a good alternative to expensive hotels, uncomfortable hostels and sometimes dubious private apartments is a mini-hotel offering small but comfortable rooms with a private bathroom at a competitive price.


There is no clear definition for a mini-hotel. In Europe it is often considered as a hotel with up to 50 rooms. In Russia, mini-hotels can have up to 100 rooms. Mini-hotels can be located in separate small buildings or occupy one or two floors in a dwelling house in the downtown. They can also be small apartments in residential buildings with 3 to 5 rooms in the central parts of the city. Hotels of this type are common in St. Petersburg and other big cities in Russia due to a large number of communal apartments in the Soviet era. In the early 2000’s, lots of communal apartments were reconstructed and turned into small, often family-run hotels offering more economic and cozy accommodation than impersonal big hotels.


Secret of the popularity of mini-hotels is simple – the optimal combination of comfort, quality and price level. The costs are cut to minimum, which means that there are no extra services such as 24 hour reception, bars and restaurants, money exchange etc. Rooms are compact and simple but have all necessary for a traveler.   A distinctive feature and a competitive advantage for any small hotel is an individual approach to each client. Most people prefer staying at a place where they feel comfortable as if they were at home. Convenient location in the center, homely comfort and reasonable prices are behind the popularity of mini-hotels in St. Petersburg. If you want to make to most of your visit to St. Petersburg then your choice is a mini-hotel.


Discovering St. Petersburg, wandering along its streets and embankments, visiting the magnificent palaces, museums and world-famous parks is extremely fascinating but requires a lot of time and effort. One or two days in St. Petersburg is definitely too short a time to experience even a small part of our magnificent city. Choosing a comfortable and inexpensive accommodation in a mini-hotel one can afford staying in St. Petersburg for a few days more – and get acquainted with even more unforgettable sights of Russia’s Northern Capital.

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